The Horses of Alwyn Morgans

Wherein you learn all about our Morgans and Daniel
Who was an Honorary Morgan!

The Morgan Line-up, bought, bred, sold and passed away.

Monnington Herrick
(Trebles Talisman x Saddleback Symmetry)

1986 Bay Stallion - A Show (and Show-off) Morgan from his toes to the tips of his ears.  Sadly no longer with us, but left a great Show Record and a wonderful collection of offspring, both first and second generation.

Belmont's The Gigolo
(UC Echo x Trijas Goldpeace)

1984 Chestnut Gelding - A nutcase, who became a youth horse (amongst other things) but sadly passed away in 2013.

Double M China Blue
(Noble Jesture x Double M Misty Blue)

1988 Bay Mare - "Hot to Trot" and produces lovely foals, including two Breeder's Cup Winners! Just had her season as a Show Horse - 2 seconds ain't bad!

MM Living Legend
(Tarryall Gene Thierry x Tarryall Cadenza)

1990 Deep Liver Chestnut Gelding - Well, we thought he'd make a good hunter type - but HE was a park horse like hi sdaddy! Sold to Tara Heinemann.  Sadly also no longer with us.

Alwyn's Chain Reaction
(Monnington Herrick x Double M China Blue)

1997 Bay Colt - 1998 Breeders Cup winner. Possibly the most exciting Morgan bred in the UK for a long time. Sold to Greta Critchlow.

Alwyn's Cabaret
(Monnington Herrick x Monnington Miracle)

1997 Liver Chestnut Filly - Sold to nice people who went looking for an Arab gelding and came home with a Morgan Mare!

Alwyn's Did You Ever
(Monnington Herrick x Double M China Blue)

1998 Bay Filly - A sparky youngster who could go far. Only to Derbyshire so she's quite close to full brother CR! Now resides in France!!

Alwyn's For Your Pleasure.
(Monnington Herrick x Double M China Blue)

2000 Bright Bay filly - likely to be Chain Reaction the 2nd. Sold to a syndicate - to be kept in training for the future! Now resides in The Netherlands!!

Alwyn's Another Hero
(Monnington Herrick x Trijas Goldpeace)

1995 Liver Chestnut Gelding - A real family horse, sold to a real family!

Monnington Miracle
(Courage Of Equinox x Isaill-Mor Starfire)

1991 Liver Chestnut Mare - A driver, and also one of the best broodmares around. Sold In-Foal to Herrick to convert a new Morgan owner!
Let's try eating Dad's Shirt

Alwyn's Fascinatin Rhythm
(Monnington Overture x Monnington Miracle)

2000 Light Bay Filly - Leggy & Pretty and an interesting combination of bloodlines. Sold! But unfortunately after a very successful show debut, she has sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge to be with her Grandsire Courage Of Equinox.

Alwyn's High Society.
(Monnington Herrick x Double M China Blue)

After giving CB her time in the showring, back to the job in hand - a nice bay colt, who has turned out to be a high quality one-day eventer!

Alwyn's I Got Rythm
(Monnington Herrick x Double M China Blue)

And just for fun a nice Chestnut Colt, although we had sold a bay filly, sold on to a good pair of hands.

And last but by no means least the non-morgan crew.
Daniel Age unknown - height unknown - breeding unknown - huge Palomino Cob gelding!  Also no longer with us.
My Pal Nellie (or Alwyn's Lady Hamilton) Doberman x GSD - The worlds best companion and funster.  Enjoys life in Portugal as she can join in the general barking and make more noise than the other dogs!

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