The Honorary Morgan

Daniel is my "x" year old Palomino Cob, of whom we were advised to go look and fell in love immediately in about 1985. Over the years we've owned him he has given me much pleasure and some bruises. Recognized everywhere he goes and loved by children, Daniel has saved my sanity!

Daniel loves virtually everything in life, food, grass, hay, nuts, carrots, sleep, and in his younger days, hurling himself at fences, the bigger and more solid the better. Luckily he calmed down somewhat, and now after many years hacking the woods and lanes, (due to a slightly arthritic shoulder) spends most of his time playing with the Rabbits in his field, watching over the Little Owls that nest in a tree and generally lazing in the sunshine. Oh, and whenever Ken, from whom we rent the stable and grazing is doing anything in Dan's field, Dan greatly enjoys helping him!

And why the Honorary Morgan? During practices for the BMHS Display Team the lead Morgan, Tarryall Gene Thiery (Maestro to one and all) wasn't quite ready for 2 practices a day - so a call was made for a Horse to carry the not inconsiderable weight of the lead rider - I offered Belmont but was told - no - Daniel is what we need! So off went Daniel to the practice and gave everyone a great laugh when he demonstrated his bucking ability and then during a particularly complex manouevre proceeded to scatter the rest of the team to the four winds. The video makes great watching and Daniel has now been awarded the status of "Honorary Morgan"!

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