Alwyn's Lady Hamilton

Turkish x Sadie

Neliie 2 months old.

Nellie as a VERY small puppy, not too sure about life in general although she had been very, very noisy as the last of 10, in Sadie's litter, and frankly not expected (only 5 puppies there, said some vet or other), and then not expected to survive. All of the others were spoken for and we had resisted for 7 weeks until one Sunday Lunchtime in the Fox & Goose she stole our hearts away and home she came. Nearly went back after 24 hrs of course, but is now a permanent fixture and even Buster (the cat) quite likes her.

Nellie 1 Year Old

Nellie at about 18 months old with her VERY FAVOURITE TOY, a frisbee. (Genuine Wham-O!) How a dog with only one working eye (we think), odd ears, and odd front legs, can catch a frisbee at about 50yards and some 6ft in the air is quite amazing!

Nellie 2 Years Old

Like her dad, Turkish, Nellie took some time to get her head round water. No way at all, even when somewhat pitched in from behind. Until one day she met a couple of other Dogs playing in our local stream and had to join in. Now it's far more a case of stopping her diving in, though as yet she has yet to go out of her depth, and a fish nibbling at her toes can send her splashing for the bank.
Great with Children and usually welcome wherever she goes - My Pal!

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