Monnington Miracle

On the day we bought Belmont & Legend there was for sale a tiny filly foal - Miracle. So named as she was the first AI by Frozen Semen Morgan in the UK - thanks to Phyllis and Ivan Beattie of East of Equinox Farm. One of the huge band of Courage of Equinox offspring, Miracle seems to pass on his size.

Some years later we were looking to start a breeding programme and went on a hunt, with another young filly in mind. As often happens, we bought not the one we were thinking of, but Miracle instead, by now having recongised the value of Courage blood!

A brave driving horse, Miracle has now entered on a career as a broodmare, producing for us - Alwyn's Cabaret, for Monnington, Tosca (x Rockridge Gambit) and for Trudy Connolly Mirher's Miss McCoy (x Herrick).

Busily producing a foal by Monnington Overture for Y2K, Miracle is contentedly eating everything in sight!

A very nice tempered mare, with an elegant head and throatlatch welded to a pannier-tank body, Miracle rules the roost in the Broodmare field!

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