Alwyn's Another Hero

Alwyn's Another Hero - "Spike" for short, due to his bright orange mane which stuck up like a Mohican, is our first home-bred Morgan. Trijas Goldpeace (Belmont's Dam) was available for lease and rather liking many of Belmont's atributes we decided to go for a Herrick cross with Goldpeace.

Wishing for a nice bay filly we got a bright orange colt! Spike in our eyes wasn't stallion material so was gelded as we reckon it's much better to have a happy gelding than a sad stallion, and this appears to have worked a treat!

From an early age Spike would copy what was being done in the training school with the other horses (particularly daddy!) to the extent of changing rein on the circle when daddy did!

He was taken through the early stages of training, lunging and long-lining and then given some time to think about it. He thought - come on! Where's the next stage!! So unusually early he was backed and took to it like a trooper. Another stage of growing on produced a lovely 15hh Morgan who was still going "Get on with it!" so we did.

And because Pippa Jones had backed him and was looking for a replacement for her pony, and we didn't really want to sell Spike and they got on so well together, Spike had been leased for a couple of years to Pippa, who has been teaching him dressage, jumping and even Drag Hunting, which Spike reckons is the BEST thing ever.

Now embarking on a career promoting Morgans in the Rickmansworth area Spike has found a good permanent home making Mum & daughter very happy! (and eating the fences!).

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