MM Living Legend

Legend and Tara - Three Counties Show 1999

Our first (along with Belmont) Morgan - bought as a yearling and brought along quite slowly. Had a dreadful accident when he decided to investigate a window and ended up with 16 stitches in his top lip. Still has a slight nick but thanks to an excellent Vet has fully recovered.

After a while we realised that breeding didn't require a herd of Geldings we decided to sell Legend. After a while we came across Paddy McKenna who felt that Legend might make his SO Tara Heinemann a nice mount. We had Tara long-line and lunge him and sit a bit and when she said she rather liked him the deal was done! But Tara DIDN'T KNOW!

Later in the year, at the Midland Morgan Maniacs Christmas party I had smuggled in a registration certificate and handed that to Paddy. All though the dinner Tara was complaining that she was the only one there without a Morgan. Everyone else knew the truth, but commiserated and said at least she'd be able to help us with ours at shows.

Meanwhile Legend had been safely delivered to their local yard and kept well hidden - so much so that when Tara & Paddy went for a ride just before Christmas she never knew he was there.

Then on Christmas Morning they went to the yard for a quick celebration and one of the grooms tapped Tara on the shoulder. "Tara - Santa left something for you!" And out came Legend fully polished with tinsel in his mane and tail.

About an hour later we received a slightly hysterical phone call, which consisted mainly of crying with joy!

Legend has gone from strength to strength, culminating in being awarded "The Most Promising Park Horse" in 1998 - and Tara has learned to cope with his immense energy in the ring - he's a real "I'm the best!" Morgan!

So now he has turned into a true Show Horse!

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