Alwyn's Chain Reaction

What to say about this fellow? Too nice for his own good and doesn't really have enough of the "Look at me!" spirit.

However, that said, undefeated in age related in-hand classes and one reserve Supreme In-Hand Championship ain't that bad! And I also get to help show him! Our first from Herrick crossed with Double M China Blue whose story is quite astounding in itself, CR has always looked like something else - can trot a storm and will be kept entire by his owner Greta Critchlow.

Greta had been at the American Performance Horse Show and watched the Park Saddle class - she was there showing her Haflingers. After the class she approached me and said "Eee, that were t'most excaiting thing I've ever seen in't showring! 'Ave yer got a colt from that un for sale?", "'appen I 'ave!" I replied (in my mind!).

I should explain that Greta is a genuine salt of the earth person from deepest Derbyshire who along with her family have become firm friends!

So the deal was done, converting a long time (30 years!) Haflinger and Cleveland Bay family into real Morgan enthusiasts who are rapidly establishing a reputation for a keen eye - only won the Breeders Cup twice running!

CR keeps enthralling people with his charm and beauty and it is true that a Vet asked whether the ears were operated on in the USA or in the UK. What operation? Well - how do you get the ears so neat? BREED IT!

CR is ready to hitch but will not go Park on day 1 - wait a bit!

p.s. Sorry about the scruffy Herbert with him.

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