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Expat Focus

We have moved to Portugal!!

Alwyn Morgans as such no longer operates, however we are still BMHS members and take a keen interest in all Morganly things.

Ok - you found us - glad you're here! But, why Alwyn (cos we're not welsh), and why Morgans?

The former is easy to answer - in memory of The Grand Man - James Alwyn Hepworth, my father, who through hard work and diligence (and a bit of luck) had a great life and left us enough money to start things going.

A grand man - who will get his own page, as he deserves.
The Grand Man - James Alwyn Hepworth

Why Morgans? Ah - that's a long story and best read on the History page. As to who we are, have a look at the People page. Dontcha just love the suspense?

As to our Horses (not all Morgans folks - we're not that daft!) you can see enough of these to make you either sick or envious or whatever - according to taste.

And - as we occasionally do something not related to horses (or used to, should I say) have a look at the Other stuff - might give you a bit of a laugh, or you might even learn something to your advantage! (Highly unlikely!)

To maintain the spirit of the WEB and all those great people we've either met or E-mailed over the years - have a quick scan of the Links page - or regard this as a quick way out!

So - please dive in and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have done over the past years and have every intention of continuing to do!

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