Belmont's The Gigolo

Doesn't alwys rain in the UK - just a lot!

Along with Legend, our first Morgan. Crazy as a coot at times, at others the perfect school horse. Has his own band of followers and seems to be a good representative in the Non-Morgan world.

Does just about anything (except drive - well, you can't have it all) and in his time has won Pleasure Saddle & Championships, In-hand, Huntseat and Western classes. Does a bit of Dressage and jumps too.

Now more of a general fun horse Belmont has been used for many lessons during clinics (and then explodes when I ride him!) and as a Youth Horse. Even Shirley will ride him!

My mate. And what a good Morgan Gelding should be!

Lets see if we can do this:-Pleasure Saddle Start.divx

Now the Big one:- Pleasure Saddle Main.divx


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