The People of Alwyn Morgans

Including those who get thanked, and those who are blamed for it all!

Alwyn Morgans consists of:-

The Aged Boy WonderWho's This?
Me - taking a little Dutch Courage
and of course:-
Shirley - apparently on hearing I was going to ride Herrick in the Championship Show!

Me? I'm 50-ish ex Corrosion Engineer, Lorry Driver, Warehouse Shifter, Teacher, Chauffeur, Computer Programmer etc etc etc - surprising what you can pack into 30 odd years! A very latecomer to riding - starting at 37.

Shirley - hmm - not 50-ish, ex Teacher, Sales Rep, now Human Resources Consultant always keen on horses (until a gap caused by the opposite sex) and a great supporter in this adventure.

So that's us. Who can we blame (and/or thank) for this? Hmm - I suppose you have to blame Betty and Jo Allison for keeping us going through the dark days before we saw the light - their enthusiasm for all things Equine was very catching, and so we soldiered on, despite many burnt fingers, trodden on feet and loss of money on buying the WRONG HORSE again.

Betty Allison with Moet Et ChandonJoann Allison with Roland

Betty with Moet & Chandon - Windsor Great Park 1986, Joann & Roland on a Hunter Trial in 1986

And once we'd found Morgans? Blame a lot of people really - Doug Wade stands out for convincing us that it was dead easy to have a yearling (Legend) and Kate Kearns for sensibly keeping me away from Belmont until we were ready for the meeting (and departing - ask Nancy Herrick about that one!). Trudy Connolly also must take the blame for being so cheerful and not panicking when I first showed Herrick in hand! And all the others too - Jenna Hacker for letting me and Belmont get on with it, and Katrina Benington for inadvertently catapulting me into the showring!

Of course one can't forget the pople who started Morgans in the UK (with assistance from others of course) - John & Angela Bulmer.

Doug Wade and Monnington Overture - Hyde ParkAngela and John - Hyde ParkKate and Belmont - ArdinglyTrudy with the lease form for Miracle - now has Mirhers Miss McCoy!

And for really deep water - all the other Morgan fans who didn't buy Herrick during all the years he was for sale! Work out whether that's thanks or otherwise!

And just in case you though we were really serious folks - ho ho!

Party Time! Wee Willie Winkle!Party Time! The Baaaad Fairy!
On receipt of $50 you will get the full story and the rest of the pictures!

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