Alwyn's Cabaret

Cabaret ready for the off, with Alison

Alwyn's Cabaret - hooray, a filly at last! And a Courage grand-daughter as well!

Cabaret has decided on three things - fuss, food and being very calm about training - oh and she has also decided that she is going to be biggish but elegant already being well over 15hands.

Just before she was sold Alison decided she was the BEST horse she'd ever ridden, and was very sad to see her go. However, she has gone to an excellent home (all riders) and has converted them from Arabs to Morgans, which when you think of it, isn't at all surprising!

Came to the 2000 Championship show and did not do at all badly in a strong Maiden Hunt-seat class - now stands 15hh 3in - help!

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