The "HerrickCam"

or even the "BelmontCam"
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Brought to you by the new Digital technology available cheaply to all, here is the new "HerrickCam" system in action.

Up The Lane to Blackwell

Here we are on the lane at the back of Glebe Farm leading from the Fosse Way into the tiny village of Blackwell. Usually someone or other says "Hello, Herrick" as we go by. Never "Hello Robin!".

At the Grand Central Junction

Shot 2 is at the "Grand Central" main junction in Blackwell - right to Armscote, left to Darlingscott & ahead for Blackwell itself .

Ok, Ok - Dodgy I Know - but I was wearing a riding skull cap. And the lanes are really quiet! Pity there isn't a pub in Blackwell.

And the digital technology? You use a finger to press the button on the camera.

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