How do I Get around Vassiliki?

Hire a Jeep!

And take a good map. Actually there don't seem to be any good maps so use whatever is available and don't forget that the locals while often being more than happy to help won't necessarily be able to read a map anyway!

Lefkas is just of the right size for hiring a jeep for three days, which should allow you to explore most of it, and go back to the bits you liked best! The best way round is to go up the east coast on the Lefkas road (the western road while equally good can be a little much for a heavily laden jeep), via Nidri - hang a left in Nidri and follow the road to the bottom of the gorge and walk up to the waterfall. Zoom back down and head off for Lefkas town - there is marked a road which avoids the town, but as I've never found it or heard of anyone who has, I doubt it's existance!

Whizz onto the Monastery at the north end of the island for spectacular views, and then round to Aghios Nikitas and Vangelis' place for a swim and lunch. Then past the village and take the next right - onto a marvellous deserted beach. Bash on South, and then you can if you area real glutton for punishment (better next day) hang another right and plough on to Goatherd Beach, another spectacular sight.

For those of a really strong constitiution you can either carry on to the lighthouse, or dive down the cliffs to really deserted beaches. Back to the main road, through several nice villages and onto the long downhill descent back to Vass, not forgetting the 180 degree bend at the bottom - with the sea as the catchnet!

The waterfall at the back of Nidri - spectacular and refreshing on a hot day! Typical nooks and crannies can be found in almost every village!
If you take the first left out of Vassiliki one passes through a nice little village, and avoiding the road on the right (well - do you really enjoy watching Buzzards from above?) carry on up the mountain! Then go back down and take that road on the left now, and enjoy the scenery (but not for those of a nervous disposition!).
A typical village - miles from anywhere, hung on the side of the hills in the middle of Lefkas. Actually this one was served by what became known as the 6 - lane superhighway in the sky, which road did not appear to serve any particular purpose, other than attempting to cover all tourists and locals in a thick layer of dust.

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