Shopping in Lefkas and Vassiliki

Modern High-Tech Affairs!

Vassilki has a good range of shops, mini supermarkets, post office and a Bakery which provides the most sumptuous fresh bread for al fresco picnics on the beach!

Typically though, most villages have really fresh produce available from local farms, as the island is incredibly green and actually exports water to Ithaca and Cephallonia. A Modern convenience Store!
You know it's a really fresh egg, when you have to stand and wait a bit for the delivery system to spring into action.
For the convenience of those that can't readily make it into the major centres, there are several mobile shop units which travel from village to village, completely equipped and offering a narrow range of fresh vegetables and fruit. Note the modern micro-chip driven scales!
The Modern High-Tech Logistical System! However, one should not forget that traditional logistical methods are not forgotten, and it is a common sight to see small donkeys or horses, laden with produce on their way to the market. Incidentally, before anyone complains, the donkeys and horses are extremely well looked after, and are provided with shade, water and fodder at all times. After all, if it's your only way of getting about you tend to look after it.

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