PSP Algarve Ride 2001


Event Sponsors fall into two categories - Major sponsors who provided funds on a daily basis to cover overall expenses, and my personal sponsors - without who I'd have had to pay for the experience myself over and above the air fares!

Major Sponsors of the event were:-

  • Monday 7th October - Abacus (PricewaterhourseCoopers)
  • Tuesday 8th October - Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • Wednesday 9th October - BUPA International
  • Thursday 10th October - Taylors Port
  • Friday 11th October - Camara do Silves Sponsored the Team Dinner
  • Saturday 12th October - MEDAL Insurance & Camara do Vila do Bispo who sponsored the reception at Cape St Vincent.

Additional support was given by Luzcars for the loan of the Minibus.

Personal Sponsors were (in no particular order)
Thanks to Shirley's Mum & Dad for the following:-
Beryl Glanfield, Gwen Broome, Ruth Hume, Val & Phil Tew, Delia Zeuthern, Rosemary Stevens, Hilda & Colin Lund, K.Hateley, S. Butteridge, E.Shrieves, Gilda (W), K.Counihan, B.Pollard, L.Sparrow, H.Clark, N.Pollard, M.Beddows, P.clarke, M.Griffin, L.Birch, J. Beauman, M Griffths & The Lodge Of Credence, Stetchford.
From Parkfield Stables:-
Kerry & Julie Millership, Lyn Hurford, Sean Whelan (Farrier), Simon Abbott (Veterinarian), Robin Richardson, Pippa Jones, Kiki Maurey. Kay Prentice & Andy Croucher, Verite Morris. Vanessa Heath, Betty, & Sarah & Andy.
From The British Morgan Horse Society:-
Tony Phillips (President), Mel Hough (Treasurer), Jan Rogers, (Show Liaison), Quita King (Administration), Val Bingham, Jo Ward.
From The Plough, Shutlanger:-
Toni Duffy, Matt, Sallie, Barry, Anna, Eileen, Harry B, Jane, Lyndon, M. Brown, J.Halls, Elizabeth, J.Mason, Rosemary, P.S.Tear, V&D Webb.
Thanks to Chris & The Ferret for:-
Themselves, Pamela Higgins, Sue Dobson, Austin & Sheila Tealby, Susan O'Brien.
Thanks to Cherry Orchard Middle School, Northampton:-
S.Pancoust, Anne, Eke, J.McKay and others.
And to prove I did a bit myself:-
Jan & Rob Reeves, Whittlebury, Colin Benham, Towcester, David Lofty, CEM Microwave Technology, and last but not least and greatly appreciated, Jennifer Leighton, our Chiropractor in Towcester!