PSP Algarve Ride 2001

The Heroes

Without whom......, and with the greatest of admiration, respect and affection! but let's not be too serious!

Who is holding who up?

The PSP's Chief Executive, Michael Koe OBE, Trinka, Our leader - Rod Frew, and Jinny Harman.

Er, could you stop snoring, Jinny, you're waking the horses!

Jinny relaxing and my other half Shirley Hepworth getting about the only bit of sun on the whole trip!

Er - who left that stuff I've got my foot stuck in?

Jinny, Toby and Alex Shaw (fund-raiser extraordinaire!).


John (The Snap) Courtney, assistant driver etc, and Elaine (who actually works in the Charity's UK Office!)

Now who is left behind this time?

Sue Frew as tail-end charlie, making sure none of us got lost or left too far behind!

Not to forget all those who so generously supplied horses whose photographs we missed!
Always there when needed - Lucy the superstar!

and Lucy, for picking up all the bits and bobs I dropped along the way! Oh to be young and lithe again!

And as for this guy.....Matt the demon Video man who I will always remember from Monchique!
.... and finally -