PSP Algarve Ride 2001


Again, thanks to all those people who made this trip such a fantastic experience!

What did I learn about Long-distance rides? Don't forget this was not competitive!
Forget the Jodhpur Boots - good quality though they were - the soles were too thin, and slippery on downhill slopes. Also - I did find that the most sore parts were the soles of my feet! Which is why (and I wasn't the only one I noticed) I rode at times with feet out of the stirrups to relieve the ache!
Sprenger Stirrups look very good - but at (lowest so far) £85 a pair???
Saddlebags - only with certain styles of saddle so mine got left behind. I think it would have been better to go for a bum-bag and the numnahs with pockets!
I needed a lighter waistcoat with a few pockets (liked Lottie and Judy's!) - the quilted one was too heavy for even the worst days!
The "Dublin" Jods were 100% successful - lightweight and cool. The ventilated crash-hat was spot-on - cooler than a baseball-cap and kept the sun (and flies) off the old noggin quite nicely!
Waterproofs - hmmm - needs further investigation - it did pour down a few times! Lightweight is a must at that time of year.
Gloves - I used WoofWear and Deerskin - the deerskin are best I reckon - but more expensive. (They don't catch fire when you light a cigarette - the WW ones do!)
Underwear - hmmm - "Rocky The Rooster" were fine - the others not so good as someone had put seams in the damn things! (If you want to know about Rocky the Rooster - and Wallace & Gromit & Homer Simpson - E-mail Shirley!)

But - it has unsettled us no end! Our Morgans are getting quite along in terms of show years and don't really need to prove anything. I had the best show ride of my life at the last Championship show and don't mind if I never do it again. So, do we want to carry on in the same way? And there seemed to be somewhat of a difference between the prices of certain things and what we are asked to pay (in taxes) over here!

So what to do, what to do?

Stage 1 - Book tickets to go back and check whether it really was like that and if so...... you can guess! Done!