PSP Algarve Ride 2001

Daily Tails

As each day had quite a lot of incidents and photographs associated with it, the overall size of these would make one page unfeasible due to download times. So I've split them into a set of daily (and sometimes part-daily) segments to make donwloading faster. We hope you enjoy the detail! If you get bored take a look at the Summary page, although that misses nearly all of the humour (I think!).

  • DAY 1 - Saturday 6th - In which we arrive in Portugal and go to Paradise.
  • DAY 2 - Sunday 7th - In which we pass on to Alcoutim for the start of the ride.
  • DAY 3 - Monday 8th - In which we meet Henrietta and don't lose her, our tack or nerve (too much!).
  • DAY 4 - Tuesday 9th - In which we learn a new meaning for the term "Vaseline Moment!" and Portugal's love of riders lunching in the rain.
  • DAY 5 - Wednesday 10th - In which John discovers the true value of a shortcut, and we get the idea that Portugal really, really loves riders lunching in the rain.
  • DAY 6 - Thursday 11th - In which the horses enjoy a good game of skittles at our expense!
  • DAY 7 - Friday 12th - In which, sadly, we say goodbye to Henrietta, and I join the support crew for a while.
  • DAY 8 - Saturday 13th - In which we find the sea, and come to a point (at last, I hear you cry!)
  • DAY 9 - Sunday 14th - In which we say goodbye to new friends and finally get sardines!
  • DAY 10 - Monday 15th - In which we leave Paradise and reality and fly back to the dreamworld.

And Afterwards......????