PSP Algarve Ride 2001

The Charities

There were two Charities which benefitted frrom the ride - The PSP Association and Riding For The Disabled in Portugal.

PSP stands for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a harrowing degenerative disease whose symptoms include sudden collapsing spells, inability to swallow, progressive loss of vision, speech and movement, invariably leading to death within 6 or 7 years from the onset. Hollywood actor Dudley Moore is now in the advanced stages of PSP. Up to 10,000 people may be suffering from PSP in the UK alone: the numbers in Portugal are unknown. We need your help to fund further research, and to provide support for sufferers and their carers.
For More information please see the PSP Website

RDA stands for Riding for the Disabled, an organisation which people of all ages with a variety of physical and mental disabilities to improve their co-ordination, confidence and general life skills by encouraging them to ride. The interaction with the pony, and the challenge of learning how to ride have worked minor miracles with thousands of people, particularly children, since the RDA was formed in the 1960s. We need your support for the active Algarve group and local disabled children.
For More information please see the RDA UK Website and FRDA International Website

At the time of construction of this site a final figure for funds raised has not yet been established but early indications are that each will receive in the region of £5,000!