The "BelmontCam"

Page 3
down the quiet lane.

We now go down a little lane which has a very interesting bit at the bottom, which consists of a flood plain! So much so that one house on the right hand side has to have barge-boards fitted to its front door to prevent ingress on a regular basis! More later!

The ears? Ah - Belmont has a real thing about flies in his ears so on hot summer days he wears both flyspray and his "Ears" (we have also a black pair!)

Barley stubble - just right for a blast.

This one has us thinking - can we find out who owns this land from which the barley and straw have just been harvested? And if we ask nicely will they allow us to ride the headlands? Which would mean that we could get nearly from the farm to the Armscote pub without being on the roads! Hooray!

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